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Agroconekt company was established in the year 1991. Since the start, our basic service has been egg distribution and sale. In the beginning we were selling eggs to small markets and open markets in Novi Sad, and since the year 2000, with the arrival of big supermarket chains and the development of retail trade in Serbia, we have focused the delivery of our mostly to the large supermarkets.

The company takes pride in its commitment to customers and its success to respond to their demands by providing all the services related to egg distribution: high quality of the product, precise and on-time delivery, in adequate packaging and requested amount, with stable prices and suitable payment terms.
With a constant yearly growth, our company spreads its network of partners. The number of our farms that deliver fresh and high quality eggs and the number of distributed eggs rise: from five million a year in the beginning to more than twenty five million in the last couple of years.

Agroconekt delivers fresh eggs from the egg-producing farms to customers without decreasing the freshness and quality level. The company and all our farms work in accordance to HACCP standard since the year 2009 and guarantee to all our clients a wide range of delicious, golden-yolk eggs, laid fresh on our farms by healthy hens.